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tv   Action News 600 AM  ABC  April 16, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> good morning everyone, it is 6:00 a.m. thursday, april 16. breaking this morning. we learned overnight the two-year-old victim of a hit-and-run in the west kensington neighborhood has died overnight. >> a car fire in southwest philadelphia leads to a grisly discovery, a burned body and police say the victim was no stranger to the law. look at this unexpected beach break for marines out west. >> matt pellman is in for karen rogers and karen rogers is filling in for david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we're sitting at the 50s.
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it's 40 in allentown. 50 in wilmington. 48 in millville and 49 in trenton. the winds have shifted to the southeast today it will be cooler along the coastline. satellite and radar not looking pretty with all the clouds in the region, but for the most part they are high, thin clouds. we'll see sunshine filtering through, it will be pretty. we see the showers filtering in from the southwest. that will affect us later on tonight. 9:00 a.m., 56 degrees, with high clouds noon, 63. feeling comfortable. # p.m., 67 degrees, we have a high of 68 degrees. we have low humidity there's a fire concern today that's enhanced, it's not a red-flag warning, not as dangerous as yesterday, but enhanced concern something to be careful about as you head out today.
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we have a change in the forecast wet weather coming, details on when that happens details coming up. >> reporter: nice weather wise but not so nice traffic wise. we have a lot of issues this morning, including the closure of the vine street expressway, they have reopened 676 in both directions, we're starting to see westbound slowing approach the schuylkill expressway. it's westbound that's scheduled to close tonight starting at midnight. this morning as you're out and about on the vine watch out for new traffic patterns they set up corn crete barriers to block the shoulder. things are looking different on 676 toward broad street. beach street near north hanover the building volume happening on i-95 southbound side in the great northeast approaching cottman to allegheny to girard. the bigger problems is new castle county, the accident scene is on the northbound side
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side there's the remnants of a car that was hit by a tractor-trailer burst into flames. you can see the trucks involved in the accident on the right side of the screen. they are cleaning up the fuel spill that resulted. i-95 northbound is closed as you can away from maryland, use old baltimore pike or pulaski highway. an accident in vineland brought down a pole closing east landis avenue at new panther road. stay on chestnut avenue as alternates in that location. >> we're starting morning with breaking news, police say a hit-and-run in philadelphia's west kensington section is a deadly event. the young victim died from his injuries overnight. eva pilgrim is live at police headquarters. she's got the latest, good morning, eva. good morning tam that 2-year-old little boy died overnight. he was the victim of a hit-and-run on monday.
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police are asking for your help finding the driver responsible. this is 2-year-old david alicia, "action news" confirmed he passed away at 1:30 from the injuries he suffered from the hit-and-run. police are looking for the driver of a white infinity seen near the scene. they think the car has front end damage by the headlight. little david was hit as he tried to cross the street with his mother. his mother was released from the hospital tuesday, if you have information about the hit-and-run. if you know where the car is or you know the driver call philadelphia police. live at police headquarters, eva pilgrim channel 6 "action news." >> new this morning, a driver was killed in a one car crash in bucks county overnight. this is brand new video just into the newsroom. it happened on route 413 and lower mountain road in buckingham township at 1:45. investigators say the driver lost control and slammed into a
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pole and ended up in the woods. the crash knocked out power to the residents in the area. matt pellman will have an update in a few minutes. a driver struck and killed a pedestrian in egg harbor township new jersey at route 322 and english creek avenue before 10:30. the peddle was pronounced at the scene. the driver remained to talk to police. we're learning more information about the man whose body was found inside a burning car near philadelphia international airport. this is what was left of the honda coupe on the 4700 block of for the mifflin road in southwest philadelphia yesterday afternoon. investigator found a gas can in the trunk of the car. they believe the fire was intentionally set. sources say the car is registered to someone who lives in south philadelphia and adds the victim had three prior arrests for being involved in chop shops. the man's identity has not been released. 6:06.
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today marks a year since the deadly ferry disaster in south south korea. more than 300 people died most of them high school students. the south korean president wanted to meet with the victims' families but the relatives refused in protest over the handling of the sinking. a postal worker from florida is in federal custody. he is in a a lot of trouble for piloting an aircraft on the ground of the capitol yesterday. capitol police had their guns drawn when the gyrocopter landed. he said he never had any intention of harming anyone. the no-fly zone breach raised issues of national security. we'll have more in the next half-hour. the huge target hacking in 2013 is causing the retailer big
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bucks. maribel aber has our market watch report. >> reporter: another problem for the retailer. the retailer will pay $19 million. 40 million accounts were breached. target has spent 250 million in expenses related to the breach. oil has hit a high for the year. price of a barrel developed $56. despite the recent run up, gas is 2.39 nationwide according aaa all three major indices are up and futures point to a mix open. wawa turns 51. the chain is celebrating with free coffee for all its customers. it will give 1.5 million cups during its birthday celebration. the first wawa opened in 1964 on
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mcdade boulevard in folsom, pennsylvania. >> i've been to the one in folsom. i've been to many of them. >> reporter: my dad is in the hospital, and we looks at us, he says, did you bring my wawa coffee. thanks wawa. storm tracker 6 live double scan around the region we're dry and looking good, the showers are going to hold off until later on tonight and tomorrow. let's go outside and see what it looks like right now, sky6 live hd looking live, are looking good in penns landing no big problems in the area. with the weather things will change a little bit coming tomorrow. 51 degrees the current temperature. the dewpoint is 27. way down there still not a lot of moisture in the it atmosphere. the winds are light out of the northeast at 9 miles per hour. the barometer is rising 30.42. satellite and radar showing a good amount of clouds through
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the region right now and these showers trying to build in, but not just yet. that will happen later on tonight. today is a good day to be outside. 8:00 a.m., 53 degrees with sunshine. 1:00 a.m., 61 degrees, lots of high clouds throughout the region. not wall-to-wall sunshine, but still nice. 2:00 p.m., 66 degrees, 5:00 p.m., 67 coming down from a high of 68 degrees. satellite and radar showing the overnight hours we get a period of rain that comes through the region watch for that in the overnight into early morning. tomorrow morning it's more of a spotty shower kind of thing. 10:00 a.m. not everybody seeing it, but in some areas you'll get light rain. in the evening you'll get a period of light rain or showers. tomorrow is not a lot of
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precipitation when all is said and done. today is the dry day tomorrow the front impacting us. it's mild with showers things are nice and sunny for us, you have a rollercoaster ride not so much in temperatures, but sky conditions. today, sunshine and clouds, 68 degrees, very comfortable today, showers tonight. tomorrow, showers around or period or two of light rain. 70 degrees for the high. if you have to plan, the first half of the day is the wettest. saturday it clears out warmer and nice, 76 for saturday. that's good. it turns cooler on sunday, 64 degrees, lots of clouds around. at this point it looks like the rain holds off until monday. it's going to be a soaker. periods of rain, 63 degrees for the high. could be cooler than that. we'll keep tracking the temperatures. tuesday, lingering clouds, 66. looks dry for the phils. wednesday, bright sunshine and
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64. we could use rain around here. tomorrow we get a little bit of it, more so on sunday. >> military chopper has an unexpectedded unexpected pit stop along the coast. a tourist is nearly swept away by a giant wave. >> reporter: the sunrise is up over the highway in delco. we'll talk about a crash in bucks county. >> a papal ipad goes for big bucks at an auction. that's next.
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>> welcome back, the sun is rising, taking a nice look at the center city skyline. the view from temple university. 6:14, feeling good, the day will get better as we go on, getting up to 68. >> what do you have on the big board. >> reporter: the day after tax day, not only national wear your pajamas day. it's national stress day.
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we have good news in pottstown the crash we've been talking about at beach street at hanover has cleared. to take its place there's a broken down vehicle 422 pottstown on the eastbound side past 29. the good news it doesn't seem to be impacting the speeds at this point. we're in the 450s as you travel east 422 toward valley forge national pike. the broken down vehicle at trooper cleared you tell. watch out for construction along trooper and audubon. they will be doing milling at henderson road avoid that. you want to avoid eagle road in newtown township because of the water main break eagle is closed by the pet smart and pnc bank. stick with sycamore until they get it fixed. in buckingham township, bucks county. durham road is closed because of the horrible overnight accident
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with the vehicle that hit the pole and ran off into the woods. swamp road is the alternate around that. vineland, east landis avenue is shut down because of a vehicle that went off and hit a pole. oak road or chestnut are the ways around that. newark i-95 we have an accident shutting down the northbound side of i-95 coming away from the maryland state line. slow speeds approaching the newark tolls. alternates, old baltimore pike and route 40 pulaski highway are clear at this point. >> we have dramatic new video showing a huge wave rolling in from the atlantic ocean and sweeping a woman off the rocks. the 20-year-old woman was visiting the aaron -- aron
6:17 am
vieldz. islands. she was pulled back to safety. we have a super chopper landing on the beach in california. nobody was hurt during the beachfront invasion, the helicopter was able to get back into the yairt and the are a means went back to their base. when it comes to durability, one smart phone is the last one standing. >> reporter: the battle over smart phone square trade labs has the latest devices and found that want galaxy s6 while the i phone 6 plus came in last place. instagram can look at their
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potential photos, the few feature is available. how much would you pay for an old ipad. what if it belonged to pope francis? a priest in uruguay put the tablet up selling for $30,500. all profits go to benefit a local high school. >> it's going to charity. 30 grand. >> it's the pope. 6:18 still new at 6:00 a.m. firefighters battle difficult conditions when flames chew through a berks county mountain side. a super skinny mom has a rather large baby. >> reporter: does that seem unfair to anybody else? >> reporter: if you're dressing the kids, jackets this morning
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>> the slitter pregnant la model caused an instagram uproar gave birth to her baby april 13, james hunter was born at 8 points 2 ounces. the model said she gained 20 pounds throughout her pregnancy. i'm going with zoey who gained 80 pounds. >> reporter: each person is different. i detective the right to be bitter about that person. >> i'm not saying anything. >> reporter: i'm not either.
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center city westbound come the headlights no issues on the ben franklin bridge. no eastbound construction yet. but we'll have the track work later on today. that means patco will be running on a patco schedule. security false bridge stick -- scutter falls bridge stick with that because from 10:00 a.m. to noon, they will be closing the washington crossing bridge. scutter falls bridge is the way to go. >> reporter: the pollen count is high not just today but the next several days. today is the day you want to be outside, make that allergy medicine as partly of your plans. we see sunshine, lots of high clouds, nice and mild, 6 degrees, feels comfortable. we're dry today. later tonight we get passing showers, tomorrow we have showers coming through 70 degrees, for your high, but it's nice for the weekend
6:23 am
clearing out saturday, warmer, 76 dry with sunshine, can't beat that. sunday turns cooler. 64 degrees, monday that's the wet day. periods of rain, some heavy at times, matt. >> the phillies begin a four-game series against the nationals. cole hamels will get the start. melts finished a three game sweep in new york beating them 6-1. the phillies have lost a season high of 4 straight games. all the players wore number 42 for jackie robinson day. >> how local police are getting ready for the pope's visit in the fall. >> eva pilgrim has a sad update to date to a hit-and-run eva. >> reporter: the 2-year-old died overnight, the description of the car police want you look out for coming up.
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>> new at 6:00 a.m. a state fire investigators is looking into a blaze that scorched mount penn. firefighters battled steep terrain to get there while a helicopter tackled the flames from overnight. the fire is under volunteer no injuries were reported displnchts police turned. police turned independence mall into a giant simulation to practice how they would respond to a real life emergency. park rangers and paramedics tried to make the exercise as real as possible.
6:27 am
the test drill was to take out an active shooter and help the injured. it is in preparation for the up coming visit of pope francis and democratic convention next year. >> philadelphia would be in the world spotlight that's why it's important that our training and equipment and abilities are on the cutting edge. in philadelphia they are. volunteers acted as victims in last night's exercise and officers dodged non-lethal bullets. >> we have new breaking stories including one that affects your morning commute. >> families of three young crash victims plead for justice at a court hearing in the poconos. #
6:28 am
6:29 am
>> breaking now on "action news," one of the victims in an unsolved hit-and-run investigation has died. >> also breaking overnight, a
6:30 am
deadly crash causes detours on a major highway. copter stunt in the u.s. capitol raises concerns about how our leaders in washington are being protected. >> david is off, karen rogers has weather and matt pellman has traffic. >> reporter: it's a nice day ahead. let's look at the latest numbers, in philadelphia, 51. 40 in allentown. 45 in reading. 50 in wilmington. 51 in sea isle, upper 50s in millville and trenton, new jersey. looks like a lot of clouds through the region. for the most part, they are high, thin clouds, we'll still see the sunshine today. you can see the showers building in through the ohio valley. that doesn't affect us until later on tonight. let's look at what to expect through the day. 9:00 a.m., 56 degrees, noon
6:31 am
we're up to 63. by 3:00 p.m. 67, lots of high clouds lots of sunshine coming through too. by 6:00 p.m. 65. coming down from a high of 68. nice quiet weather day today. today we want to watch some concerns with fire, not a red-flag warning but just an elevated concern. the low humidity, light breeze and dry fuel. something to be aware of as you get outside. today is the day to be outside because it kind of goes downhill tomorrow. details in the seven day coming up. >> reporter: we have seen several brushfires this afternoon. the fire concern a real think. the volume is real, as we look at i-95 southbound side stacking from academy through this point at cottman again,s from just pasted betsy ross bridge. the schuylkill expressway dropping speeds not looking at
6:32 am
severe delays just yet. newtown township bucks county we have a water main break closing eagle road by the pet smart and pnc bank. throughout the day today sick with sycamore instead. there was a horrible overnight accident in buckingham township bucks county. a vehicle lost control and plowed into a pole and preceded to veer off into the woods. the downed pole meant some power was out for a number of residents in buckingham township. durham road is closed between lower mountain and spring meadow roads. swamp road is a possible alternate. an accident blocking landis avenue at new panther road. new castle county a tractor trailer accident is closing the northbound lanes of i-95 coming away from the maryland state line, old baltimore pike or
6:33 am
pulaski highway are alternates there. matt, i know you have details of what happened there. >> that crash along i-95 in delaware is one of several fatal crashes that happened overnight. the action cam is in the diamond state where tractor-trailer slammed into a car dragging it a short distance and causing it to burst into flames. the driver was killed. this happened near the newark exit at 2:30. haz/mat crews are dealing with the leaking fuel. another deadly crash in south jersey, a driver smashed into a utility pole knocking down the wires. the driver was pronounced at the scene. and more breaking news, an update on one of two hit-and-runs that took place in philadelphia earlier this week. a child who was critically injured by a fleeing driver in
6:34 am
west kensington has died. eva pilgrim has a sad update live at police headquarters. >> reporter: matt, that hit-and-run has turned deadly after the 2-year-old boy has died overnight. police are asking for your help torched the driver responsible. this is 2-year-old david alicia, "action news" confirmed that he passed away at 1:30 from the injuries he suffered from the hit-and-run. police are looking for the driver of a white infinity seen in surveillance video near the scene. they think the car has front end damage to the right headlight. he and his mother was getting out of the car in front of their mafort -- master street home in west kensington. his mother tried to shield him from the car both were hit. the family is facing having to bury a two-year-old. >> it offend your sense of
6:35 am
justice. we know we're supposed to protect 2-years-old to see a small little body injured so significantly is really, really hard. >> if you have any information built white infinity police are looking for. if you know who the driver is you're asked to call philadelphia police. live at police headquarters, eva pilgrim channel 6 "action news." >> thank you, now to that second hit-and-run case, police are waiting to talk to a person of interest. 4-year-old abdul wilson was killed at a crash at 57th and litchfield streets. police say the driver involved has contacted authorities through an attorney. investigators have recovered the suv that hit a child. it's a rental vehicle. >> 6:35 we're at the big board with the latest on the gyrocopter stunt at the u.s. capitol. agents swarmed the pilot who flew the small aircraft through restricted air space.
6:36 am
he is 61-year-old postal worker doug huge. >> this is not good people. >> reporter: authorities placed the capitol grounds on lockdown. hughes did not resist arrest. in fact he had been opened by the stunt telling a florida newspaper about the plan and contacting the secret service a year ago. lawmakers want answers how he was able to carry out the brazen air space violation hughes towed his copter from florida to pennsylvania. he took a flight from gettysburg. "good morning america" will have more on the stunt coming up at 7:00 a.m. after "action news." >> happening today a pretrial
6:37 am
hearing is scheduledded for the three -- scheduled for three people accused of attacking two gay men in center city. they are from bucks county accused of using gay slurs before beating the couple in september. one of the men suffered a broken jaw. the defense said both parties played a role in the event and the sexual orientation was not an issue. families of bucks county teenagers who killed in a car crash are asking for jail time for the driver. they were students at council rock high school south. investigators say a father gave his 15-year-old daughter permission to drive his suv on the day of the crash and she did not have a drivers license. >> she knew she was wrong she knew she should not be driving. the boys telling her to slow
6:38 am
down and she went faster. she murdered three boys. >> the girl who is 16 sobbed throughout the hearing. she is expected back in court for the equivalent of juvenile sentencing. her father faces involuntary manslaughter charges. it's beautiful out there. the dog wood is bursting with flowers. >> reporter: it's nice to see signs of spring. let's look at storm tracker 6 live double scan around the region we're dry right now. we're staying dry. it's a beautiful day to go out there and look at the bosoming trees. let's -- blossoming trees. down the shore looking live on sky6 live hd. we have an easterly component to the wind it's cooler down the shore with the marine influence. something to watch as you plan your day. 51 degrees in philadelphia. the dewpoint, 27 degrees not a
6:39 am
lot of moisture in the atmosphere. the winds are northeasterly at 9 miles per hour. the barometer is rising 30.42 inches. sat -- satellite and radar showing high, thin clouds in the region. the sunshine will filter through the clouds. it will be a nice day. we stay dry. the showers that are buildings in the ohio valley that doesn't happen until overnight and into tomorrow. today is a day to get out there and run the errands and enjoy sunshine. 8:00 a.m., 53 degrees, 11:00 a.m., 61 degrees warming up nicely by 2:00 p.m. to 66 high of 68. 3:00 a.m., we see showers and light rain that moves through and showers on and off after that. this is a look at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, we have showers in spots, maybe not everyone --
6:40 am
everywhere. welunch time, another round of rain moving through. it will be mild tomorrow, showers at times. 70 degrees. saturday, high pressure moves back in, and it gets nice just in time for the weekend, pretty good. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, starting today, nice day today. sunshine, lots of high clouds, 68 degrees for the high, dry today, shower tonight tomorrow some showers even a period or two of light rain. 70 degrees for your high. looms the first half of the day is the wetter half. saturday we dry out nicely and warms up. 76 degrees, nothing to complain about on saturday. sunday cooler for the union 64 degrees for your high. at this point sunday looks dry and monday comes the rain. it's going to be a wet day periods of rain, heavy at at
6:41 am
that and 63. tuesday, a day of transition, firlt, -- phils 64. wednesday, 64 and sunshine. >> we have an investigation into the police shooting in the plains. some believe that a philadelphia rapper put a ring on it. matt. >> reporter: new problems for those traveling organ i-95, coming away from the betsy ross bridge it's a crash approaching cottman avenue taking out a lane. we'll talk about a closure in i-95 delaware and the schuylkill expressway when "action news" continues on this thursday morning.
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6:44 am
>> good morning everyone, taking a live look the delaware river packed with ships stuff going on waterways and on the highways. >> let's talk built highways and -- about the highways and go over to matt pellman. >> reporter: that's a nice shot there. so many problems going on around region, including this new crash in the work seern i-95 -- zone, i-95 approaching cottman avenue. a truck involved and southbound delays building as well. vine street expressway is opened heading westbound toward 76.
6:45 am
it will close again westbound at midnight. i mention the the broken down vehicle along 422 eastbound side past route 29 it's not impacting speeds a whole lot. that 44 is more because of building volume than the disabled vehicle. and slow around the saint gabe's curve. newtown township, the water main break from yesterday is closing eagle road by the pet smart and pnc bank. stick with sycamore, instead. we have the awful accident blocking durham road 413 in buckingham township. swamp road the alternate around that. cumberland county, this is the scene at east landis avenue new panther road a single vehicle ran into a pole and took down the pole. oak or chestnut gets you around
6:46 am
that in vineland. >> developing now a deadly end to a police chase in texas is under review. houston police shot and killed 41-year-old franker shepherd after a high speed pursuit. when he got you tell police say he appeared to reach back into the vehicle. officers feared he was going for a weapon. this started as a routine traffic stop. he had a warrant out for his arrest and that might explain why he fled in the first place. sheriffs in ohio were asked to forge the records of the deputy, three supervise were ordered to falsify robert baits' records giving him credit for training he never took and
6:47 am
firearms training. he is accused of shooting the suspect in a shooting earlier this months. sophia vegara's ex-fiance is suing her over her frozen embryos. he said he has the right to go forward because they did not agree in writing that they would destroy the age. sophia vegara is said to have physically abused him on four occasions. >> brand new information on unsolved hit hit-and-run investigation, the young boy who was struck died. we'll have a full report in ten minutes.
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>> 6:50, let's get a preview of "good morning america." >> our friend amy robach is joining us now she has a look at what's ahead. >> reporter: good morning, tam and matt great to be with you on this thursday, coming up next on good morning. we're talking about the developing story the gyrocopter on the capitol law. lawn, we'll talk to the tampa bay times reporter who interviewed hughes for his plan. lindsey davis as more on the shocking details of a man's double life. miracle birth the texas
6:51 am
couple welcoming the first all girl quintuplets born in the u.s. we'll talk to the parents. we're talk about the disease that left her unable to move or talk and is how she is developing this morning. >> reporter: part of this traffic gig is part of of being the barrier of bad news. a medical chopper was called to frys mills road. another bad accident we're following closely. no crashes on 42 this morning just a little buildings northbound volume.
6:52 am
we have patco running on the track work schedule. >> reporter: no problems with your nights at philadelphia international. boston looking good. chicago we have rain, no flight delays but they could creep in, as well as atlanta. nothing just yet but that may happen in the next couple of hours. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today is a nice one sunshine and clouds, we're dry tomorrow rather wet we'll showers at times a few periods of light rain especially the first half of the day. 70. nice for the weekend. saturday warmer, 76. sunday cooler with clouds increasing, tam. >> going on now to the people scene, hip hop's newest couple may walk down the aisle. niki minaj is currently engaged
6:53 am
tondid a -- anaconda crooner. there's no word if they set a wetting date.
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>> breaking this morning the 2-year-old boy hit in the west kensington crash died overnight. philadelphia police are looking for the driver of the white infinity that struck the boy and his mother. police are looking at a suspicious death of a man whose body was found in southwest philadelphia. the victim had three prior arrests for being involved in chop shops. his identity has not been released. >> reporter: a fatal crash has the northbound side of i-95 closed because of a tractor-trailer that struck a car. old baltimore pike or pulaski highway will get you around the blockages. northbound on i-95 watch out for an accident near cottman slowing thins down. >> reporter: no weather-related problems 52 degrees. we'll see a quiet weather day
6:57 am
mild, 68. sunshine and clouds, 68 is feeling nice. >> "g.m.a." is next, faicial and twitter -- facebook and twitter and is the place to go when we're not on the air. for matt, tam karen i'm matt, have a great day!
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7:00 am
good morning, america. frightening flight. the u.s. postal working breaching one of the most secure areas in the world. shocking onlookers by flying a helicopter on to the lawn of the capitol. >> this is not good, people. >> the pilot quickly led away in handcuffs, bomb squads clearing the area. why he did it. and did he expose a major security threat? new this morning -- the massive manhunt for these bank robbers on a violent spree right now, threatening to kidnap bank employees and shoot it out with law enforcement. the fbi's warning to the public this morning and why they say the dangerous gang could include former police officers. modern lawsuit. sofia vergara if a very modern legal battle with her ex-fiance


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